These Terms and Conditions and any customer information and credit pages you may fill out with our representative at activation or account modification are an agreement (“Agreement”) for wireless radio telecommunications services and related services and/or features (“Service”) between you and Cellular One [“we” or “us”] for Service associated with your assigned telephone, data and/or messaging number(s) (“Number”) for the Term of this Agreement, without regard to where you reside or work. The terms and conditions of your Service are governed by this Agreement and the rates and terms of the calling, data, or mobile Internet plans, features and/or promotions you select, as described in Calling Plan, feature and promotional brochures and materials (collectively, your “Calling Plan”) and at, all of which you acknowledge were provided when you activated Service and are a part of this Agreement. The term “Phone” means the SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) Card and/or wireless receiving and transmitting equipment that we have authorized to be programmed with the Number, including phone(s) and/or other device(s), and any accessories. If you 1) use the Service or the Phone or 2) accept any benefit in exchange for committing to new terms and conditions and/or a new contract term, or 3) pay any amount billed to your account, you consent to the terms and conditions in this Agreement. If you do not agree with these terms and conditions, do not use the Service or Phone and notify us immediately to cancel service.
1. SERVICE. a. TERM. The term of this Agreement (“Term”) for each Number depends on the selected Calling Plan, services, features or promotions shown on the front of this Agreement (“Calling Plan”). The Term for each Number begins on the date we activate Service for that Number and ends on the expiration date (“Service Commitment”) This Agreement will continue month-to-month until terminated by either party. Any termination by you requires no less than 30 days advance written notice. If you terminate before the end of your Service Commitment for any reason other than a) in accordance with the satisfaction guarantee policy within 15 days after initial Service activation or b) pursuant to a change of terms, conditions or rates as set forth below, or if we terminate following your default or as otherwise permitted herein, including if you port the Number to another carrier during the Service Commitment, you will be in material breach of this Agreement. You may not be eligible for new customer promotions in the future. If at the time the Service is initiated, we are unable to port a telephone number into our Service from another carrier, you may request that we assign you a different telephone number, or you may choose to terminate this Agreement, but agree to pay for any services and equipment used prior to the termination.
b. RATES. Your Service rates and other charges and conditions for each Number or Phone are described in your Calling Plan. All Calling Plans are not available in all areas. We also may charge you for other reasonable taxes, charges, and cost recovery, including fees to port a telephone number into our Service from another carrier, or to port a telephone number out of our Service to another carrier.
c. AVAILABILITY / INTERRUPTION. Service is normally available when your Phone is within the operating range of our system and may be available outside of that area in other participating carrier service areas (Roaming). Service is subject to transmission limitations and interruptions, which may be caused by weather, terrain, obstructions such as trees or buildings, Roaming, and other conditions. Service may be limited where coverage is unavailable or temporarily limited for reasons beyond our control, system capacity limitations, repairs or modifications, priority access by government personnel in emergencies, or in response to suspected fraud, misuse, or viruses. Interruption may result from nonpayment of charges by you. We may block calls to categories of numbers (e.g. 976, 900 and certain International destinations) if, in our sole discretion, we experience excessive billing, collection, fraud or network misuse with calls to those numbers. Coverage gaps exist within the service areas shown on our coverage maps, which by their nature are approximations of actual coverage. We do not guarantee uninterrupted Service or coverage. We cannot assure you that if you place a 911 call you will be located or make any other assurances about 911 availability or functions. When calling 911, always tell the operator your location, phone number, and nature of the emergency.
d. USE OF SERVICE/PHONE/NUMBER. You agree not to use the Phone or Service for any unlawful or abusive purpose or in any way that damages our property or interferes with or disrupts our system or other users. You will comply with all laws while using the Service and will not transmit anything that violates any laws, court order, or regulation, or would likely be offensive to the recipient. You are responsible for all content transmitted through your Phone. Resale of Service is prohibited without prior written contract with us and any required regulatory approvals. You agree that we may take any action we deem necessary to protect our employees, network, or other customers’ usage, and subject to applicable laws, government orders, and rules, we reserve the right to limit, slow, discontinue or terminate your use of Phone(s), Number(s) and Service(s). You are responsible for ensuring your Phone is compatible with the Service and meets federal standards. We may refuse to permit equipment acquired from others to be used with our Service, to any extent permitted by law. You may not install any amplifiers, enhancers, repeaters or other devices that may modify, disrupt or harmfully interfere with our authorized radio frequencies. You have no ownership rights in any Number, IP address or e-mail address we provide, and you agree we may change these at any time with or without prior notice to you. By using Service or our Applications, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions of any applicable software licenses and other applicable terms and conditions. By activating Service that uses a SIM card, you agree that we own the intellectual property and software on the SIM card, we may change, add or remove software, applications or other data on it remotely and without notice, and we may use any capacity in it for network, administrative, business and/or commercial purposes.
e. CUSTOMER-SUPPLIED DEVICE. You may supply your own mobile device, if it is compatible with GSM service; we cannot, however, guarantee the functionality or performance of devices not tested and approved for use on the Cellular One network. If you supply your own device, please note: i) the device must be reconfigured to make use of web and messaging services, and we cannot guarantee it will be fully functional on the network upon reconfiguration; ii) we are able to support or unlock only the handsets we sell; if your device cannot be readily configured for web and messaging, you may need to contact the manufacturer for assistance; iii) your device may have difficulty accessing the internet or sending and receiving SMS and MMS messages; iv) you may experience problems with voice or data services while roaming. Please understand that, while Cellular One’s Customer Service Representatives will attempt to assist with problems, they are not trained to support devices not approved by Cellular One for use on our network.
f. NUMBER PORTABILITY. If you ask us to port a telephone number from another carrier to use as the Number for the Service, you specifically authorize us to communicate and exchange Information with that carrier to validate and complete the port and to port your telephone number. We will make every effort to honor your request. Our ability to do so may be restricted by factors such as the policies or actions of the other carrier, the telephone number rate center, or other technical, regulatory, or contractual limits. If you terminate Service pursuant to this Agreement, we will make every effort to honor your request to port the Number out. We may refuse if the other carrier cannot provide adequate validation Information for your account. We may be unable to complete a port if the port request is received after the account is terminated. You acknowledge that E-911 service will be impaired during processing of a port.
g. UNAUTHORIZED USAGE. You may not program the Number into any equipment other than the Phone or change the Phone electronic serial number (ESN) or Equipment Identifier (EID). If your Phone is stolen or Service is fraudulently used, you must immediately notify us and provide us with such documentation and information as we may request (including affidavits and police reports). Until you notify us, you will remain responsible for all such charges to your account. We have the right to interrupt or restrict Service without notice to you, if we suspect fraudulent, illegal or abusive activity. You agree to cooperate with us in any fraud investigation and to use any fraud prevention measures we prescribe. Failure to reasonably cooperate will result in your liability for all fraudulent usage.
2. CHARGES/PAYMENTS/DEFAULT. a. CHARGES. You are responsible for paying all charges to your account including, but not limited to: outgoing and incoming airtime, access, features, data usage, messages, roaming, long distance, fees, charges, third party charges, directory and operator assistance charges, the price of Phones and accessories, shipping/handling fees, and any taxes, surcharges, fees, assessments, or recoveries reasonably determined by us to be imposed on you or us as a result of use of the Service or purchase of goods. If you activate Service on behalf of an entity but were not so authorized, you will be personally responsible for all charges to the account and bound by this Agreement as if you had activated Service on your own behalf. Roaming charges may apply to calls placed from outside your home/local calling area, ordinarily meaning our owned network in your state, or as defined in your Calling Plan. Roaming and long distance charges apply outside the United States as defined in your Calling Plan. We reserve the right to deliver some or all of your long distance calls to a long distance provider of our choice. For all incoming and outgoing Service, the length of call will be measured during the time that you are connected to our system, which is approximately from the time you press “Send” or other key to initiate or answer a call until approximately the time you press “End” or other key to terminate the call. Airtime usage is billed in full minute increments, with partial minutes of use rounded up to the next full minute. Your phone can process more than one call at a time. Certain calls or features involve multiple calls and you will be charged separately for each minute of use. These include forwarded calls (into your phone and out to a forwarded number), call waiting, conference calling and unanswered incoming calls to voicemail. You will not be charged for busy or unconnected calls made from or received in your local area (as defined in your Calling Plan) if you press “End” or “No” in a reasonable time. If your Calling Plan includes an allotment of Service (airtime, megabytes or text messages), unless otherwise specifically provided in the Calling Plan, any unused allotment from one billing cycle will not carry over to any other billing cycle. If your Calling Plan includes Mobile-to-Mobile Minutes, only voice calls placed, received and completed between Cellular One Devices, entirely on your home/local Network or in your Calling Plan Area if included in Mobile-to-Mobile by your Calling Plan, will be billed as such Minutes. Local and roaming overage charges will apply to airtime exceeding any set number of minutes included in your Calling Plan. Some Calling Plans may require a certain percentage of usage on our Cellular One home/local network. If a majority of data and/or voice usage in any billing cycle period does not occur on your home/local Cellular One network, or if your usage adversely affects other customers or the network or Cellular One, we reserve the right to terminate your Service or move you to another plan for which you otherwise qualify. Please refer to your Calling Plan or Data usage is billed by kilobytes or event, depending on your Calling Plan. Partial kilobytes are rounded up to next kilobyte. You are responsible for all data use associated with your Phone, regardless of whether receipt or transmission is successful.
b. BILLING AND PAYMENT. Your bill format may change from time to time at our option. Payment of all charges is due on receipt of invoice. Billing cycle dates may change from time to time. When a billing cycle covers less than or more than a full month, we may make reasonable adjustments and prorations. Airtime, if billed in a subsequent month due to delayed reporting between carriers, will be charged as if used in the month billed. If you authorized payment by credit card or ACH (Automatic Clearing House), no additional notice or consent will be required to bill that card or account.
c. LATE PAYMENTS/DISPUTES. Time is of the essence for payment. Therefore, you agree to pay us a monthly late payment fee for amounts unpaid 30 days after the date of the invoice, in the amount of $10. Acceptance of late or partial payments (even if marked “Paid in full”) shall not waive any of our rights to collect the full amount due. We will assess an additional fee of up to the maximum amount allowed by law for any check returned for nonpayment. All amounts due, including disputed amounts, must be paid by due date regardless of the status of any objection. All communications concerning disputed amounts owed, including any instrument tendered as full satisfaction, must be (i) in writing, (ii) marked “Billing Dispute” on the outside of the envelope, (iii) sent to our address on the front of the Agreement, and (iv) received by us within 30 days after receipt of the invoice. If any of these requirements is not met you will waive any objection.
d. DEFAULT/TERMINATION. If you fail to pay any amount owed to us or an affiliate within 30 days after the invoice date, refuse to pay, have amounts still owing to us or an affiliate of ours from a prior account, breach any representation to us or fail to perform any of your promises in this Agreement, or if you are subject to any proceeding under the Bankruptcy Act or similar laws, you will be in default. You will be in default if you behave in an abusive, derogatory, threatening or other unreasonable manner with any of our officers or employees. If you are in default we may, without notice to you, suspend Service and/or terminate this Agreement in addition to all other remedies available to us. You remain responsible for paying your monthly Service fees if your Service is suspended for Default. We may assess a suspension fee in the event of suspension of your account. Upon termination and/or porting the Number to another carrier, you remain responsible for payment of all amounts and charges owing under this Agreement. You agree to pay all costs, fees and expenses, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, collection fees, and court costs, we incur in enforcing this Agreement. Third Party promotions and/or discounts may terminate upon termination of this Agreement. In order to offer Service reliably and at reasonable rates, we reserve the right to modify, add, or reduce coverage, connections, features, services, speeds, capacity, signal strength, roaming or other network arrangements, and other aspects of service, and to modify, suspend or discontinue service, with or without notice as legally applicable.
e. DEPOSITS/SERVICE LIMITS/CREDIT REPORTS/RETURN OF BALANCES. You authorize us to ask consumer reporting agencies or trade references for employment and credit information about you, and you consent to our rechecking and reporting personal and/or business payment and credit history. If you believe we have reported inaccurate information to a consumer reporting agency, you may send a written notice describing the specific inaccuracy to the address on this Agreement. If you breach this Agreement or it is terminated, we may, without notice to you, apply any deposit or payment towards payment of any charges due. Recurring service charges are incurred in advance, in billing cycle increments. In the event of termination, you are responsible for all charges incurred through the last day of then-current billing cycle, including the Service charges for the then-current billing cycle. At your request after termination we will return any remaining deposit or other amount due to you by mail to your address in our records, except any amount applied toward amounts due, and except any remainder under $10, which will be retained to cover the cost of closing the account. If you do not cash a returned payment within one year after it is sent, the amount will be forfeited.
f. ACCOUNT INFORMATION. Any authorized Agent or Person so designated on the front of this agreement (as changed by you from time to time in writing), or any person authorized by you in writing, may receive information about and make changes to your account. If a business or government entity pays or is liable for your Service charges, you authorize us to share your account information with that entity and its authorized agents. Any person providing your name, password and Number may receive information about and make changes to your account, including adding new Service.
g. CPNI CONSENT. Under federal law, you have a right, and we have a duty, to protect the confidentiality of your Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI). CPNI is information about your telephone use, services you buy from us, who you call, and the location of your device when you make a voice call. We will not without your consent sell or disclose CPNI to third parties not affiliated or authorized by us to sell products and services or perform functions on our behalf. By signing this Agreement, you consent to the provisions of this paragraph; this consent, or any denial by you of it, survives termination of your Service and is valid until you remove it. You consent to us using and sharing your CPNI with our affiliates and contractors to develop or bring to your attention any products or services. To revoke your consent to optional uses of your CPNI, notify us at any time in writing to our address on this Agreement, providing your name, home address, home phone number including area code, wireless phone number including area code, service billing address, and service account number. Revoking consent will not affect your current Service or alter terms of this Agreement. We may use and share your CPNI with our affiliates, contractors, and other carriers, to provide and bill for the Service, conduct collections, offer services of the type you already purchase from us, investigate and protect against fraud and unlawful use of our network and services, validate and/or accomplish any request for number portability, and for legal and regulatory reasons such as compliance with court order, warrant or subpoena.
h. 15 DAY SERVICE CANCELLATION POLICY. If you are not completely satisfied with your new Cellular One service, contact us for technicians to work with you to resolve the problem. If we cannot, you may return your device in like-new condition with box, charger and inserts and deactivate service within 15 days of purchase and activation. You will be responsible for service used, activation fee, and other charges, fees and taxes incurred prior to cancellation. Cancellation option does not apply for existing customers that add a new line to an existing account or customers that renew or upgrade an existing line. For customers porting in a phone number from another carrier, service activation date is the day the port to Cellular One is complete. If you use the 15-day return option, your Cellular One number cannot be ported out to another carrier.
i. RETURNS POLICY. If not satisfied with an accessory you purchased from us, you may return it within 15 days of purchase for a refund. Headsets and any accessory that included software are not returnable. Handset exchanges are not permitted. Handsets may be accepted as a return only after validation as defective through Cellular One troubleshooting processes. In order to be eligible for refund of purchase price, all equipment (handsets or accessories) must be returned with original receipt and packaging, in like-new condition, within 15 days of purchase, with all included items (battery, charger, manual, etc.) and no visible damage. A restocking fee of twenty dollars ($20.00) for a handset with retail value up to $249.99 and fifty dollars ($50.00) for a device with retail value $250 or more applies to any device not returned in this condition. A fifteen dollar ($15.00) restocking fee applies for any separate accessory purchase not returned in this condition. If you purchased your equipment from an authorized dealer, you may return it to that dealer location only and comply with its return policy. Purchases made by cash or check will be refunded by same method of original payment if returned with receipt on the same business day. Purchases made by cash or check and returned with receipt at a later date will be refunded by company check sent to original account holder within six (6) to eight (8) weeks of return. Purchases made by credit/debit card will be refunded to a credit/debit card. Credit or debit card must be present at time of return.
3. DATA SERVICES. a. ADDITIONAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS. These Section 3 terms and conditions are in addition to the other terms and conditions of this Agreement, and govern Cellular One data products and features (the “Data Services”), and are subject to change without notice.
b. DATA USE. We may take any action we deem necessary to protect our network and other customers’ usage, and reserve the right to manage or discontinue your use of Data Services, subject to government requirements. See Cellular One Open Internet policies for details at The Data Services are available only on our network and networks of our data roaming partners. An MMS (Media Messaging Service) capable phone is required for picture messaging. When using Data Services while roaming, per kilobyte charges will apply. You will be charged for all data sent by or to you through the network, whether or not received. Any fraction of a kilobyte used will be rounded up to the next kilobyte for billing and for measuring usage. Cellular One is not responsible for any content of messages or attachments, regardless of format. We may screen and delete information before delivery. Messages may be blocked through our filters designed to prevent spam and protect our Network.
d. PERMITTED USES OF DATA SERVICE. Data Service may be used to connect a computer to the Internet through an authorized data cable or mobile PC card. Data Services may not be used: (a) as substitute or backup for private lines or dedicated data connections, (b) for any activity that adversely affects the ability of other people or systems to use either the Services or Internet based resources including, but not limited to, excessive consumption of network or system resources (even if unintentional); (c) in a way that interferes with or disrupts other network users, services or equipment; (d) for resale or enabling others to use for a fee, or for use in a business whose primary operations include data transfer for others; or (e) in any manner that violates copyright or other intellectual property rights of others.
e. CONTENT PROVIDERS. Cellular One may provide links to and billings services for certain content providers for your convenience. We are not responsible for their information or products nor any other aspect of your dealings with content providers. We are not responsible for any loss or injury arising out of or caused, in whole or in part, by any information acquired through content providers or any general information found on the Internet through use of the Service. The accuracy, appropriateness, completeness, timeliness, usefulness, security, safety, merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, transmission or correct sequencing of any information, product or downloaded data is not guaranteed or warranted by Cellular One; and we are not responsible for any of these matters. We are not responsible for the safety or security of any information you provide to content providers or others while using the Service, nor for results or events relating to such provision.
f. You agree to purchase any Data Services for the full term of the Service Commitment. If, before the end of your Service Commitment, you or we terminate following your default, you will be in default.
4. CHANGES. WE MAY AMEND THIS AGREEMENT, INCLUDING THE CALLING PLAN. We will not change any material terms in any way materially adverse to you without providing 14 days’ notice to you by mail to your billing address or by uploading an updated version to our website. If you do not agree to such a change, you may cancel by giving us notice within 20 days of our notice. If you use the Service more than 20 days after our notice, you agree to that change. If we allow you to suspend your account temporarily, we may extend the Term by the length of the suspension. We reserve the right to terminate or change your service plan if less than 50% of usage in any billing cycle is on the home/local network. The terms of our plan collateral and acceptable use policies are incorporated by reference and subject to change without notice.
5. LIMITATIONS. The limitations in this section will only apply to the extent permitted by law of the applicable jurisdictions.
a. LIMITATION OF LIABILITY. IN NO EVENT SHALL WE, OUR OFFICERS, DIRECTORS, EMPLOYEES, AFFILIATES (COLLECTIVELY, “CELLULAR ONE PARTIES”), NOR ANY COMPANY THAT PROVIDES PRODUCTS OR SERVICES USED TO PROVIDE OR TRANSPORT THE SERVICE OR PHONES (TO THE EXTENT WE WOULD BE REQUIRED TO INDEMNIFY IT FOR THE CLAIM (“SUPPLIER”)) BE LIABLE, WHETHER OR NOT DUE TO OUR OR THEIR NEGLIGENCE, FOR ANY: (a) acts or omissions of a third party; (b) claims by third parties; (c) installation or repair of the Phone by any persons who are not our employees; (d) equipment failure or modification; (e) information provided through your Phone; (f) events beyond our reasonable control; (g) Service outages, limitations, errors or interruptions, as described in paragraph 1 c above or in any applications or software provided hereunder; (h) any loss of information or interruption of the service; (i) economic loss or injury to persons or property in connection with use of the Service, Software, the Phone or any equipment used in connection with the Phone, including but not limited to any use in a vehicle; (j) damage or injury in connection with a suspension or termination of Services or software; or (k) damage or injury in connection with any failure or delay in connecting a call or transmitting data to emergency services. THE LIABILITY OF CELLULAR ONE PARTIES FOR ANY REASON AND IN ANY EVENT SHALL IN NO EVENT EXCEED OUR SERVICE CHARGES TO YOU DURING THE RELEVANT PERIOD OF TIME. Cellular One Parties and any Supplier are not liable for any incidental, punitive or consequential damages such as lost profits or lost revenues. The Cellular One Parties are not liable for any acts associated with proper exercise of rights under the privacy and/or unauthorized usage provisions of this Agreement, and are not liable for any privacy, red flag rule or CPNI violations by any third party, including, without limitation, any entity or person asserting that it is our agent. This paragraph shall survive termination of this Agreement. We may place important notices and policies on our website. YOU AGREE THAT YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR REVIEWING SUCH NOTICES AND POLICIES. NOTICE TO NEW AND EXISTING SUBSCRIBERS REGARDING TRANSMISSION OF WIRELESS EMERGENCY ALERTS. Cellular One presently does not transmit emergency alerts. Notice required by FCC Rule 47 CFR 10.250 (Commercial Mobile Alert Service).
b. INDEMNIFICATION. You agree to defend, indemnify and hold the Cellular One Parties and agents, suppliers to us of equipment and services that are used to provide the Services and Phones, and any other wireless service provider harmless from any claims, losses or damages relating to this Agreement or your promises or statements and/ or from use of the Phone or Service unless due to our sole or gross negligence. You agree to pay our reasonable attorneys and expert witness fees and costs incurred in enforcing this Agreement through appeal except as provided below. You are responsible for legal compliance for use of your Phone while operating a motor vehicle. You shall indemnify us from claims arising from any such unlawful use. This paragraph survives termination of this Agreement.
c. NO WARRANTIES. TO THE FULLEST EXTENT ALLOWABLE BY LAW, WE MAKE NO EXPRESS WARRANTY FOR THE SERVICE OR THE PHONE OR ANY OTHER PRODUCTS OR SERVICES WE MAY SELL OR REFER YOU TO AND DISCLAIM ANY WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO ANY IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, OR ARISING FROM COURSE OF DEALING OR COURSE OF PERFORMANCE. We do not authorize anyone to warrant on our behalf and you should not rely on any such statement. We did not manufacture the Phone, and any statement regarding it should not be interpreted as a warranty by us. This paragraph shall survive termination.
6. MISCELLANEOUS. a. PRIVACY. We are not liable for any lack of privacy of the Service. We may use or release information about you when requested by you or your Dealer; in good faith reliance on legal process; to enforce or apply our customer agreements; to protect our rights or property, or those of third parties; where we reasonably believe an emergency threatens immediate danger of death or serious physical injury and justifies disclosure without delay. You consent to our monitoring and recording of calls to us concerning your account or the Service. Your caller ID information (e.g. name and Number) may be displayed on the equipment or bill of the call recipient; technical limitations may prevent you from blocking caller ID. If you return a wireless device to us or our agents, you assume all responsibility for first clearing its memory; we disclaim any and all liability relating to contents that were placed on the device while not in our possession.
b. ASSIGNMENT. We may assign or transfer all or part of this Agreement without that being considered a change to the Agreement and without notice to you; we are then released from all liability. You may not assign or transfer without our prior written consent.
c. NOTICES. Written notices to you will be effective and deemed received 3 days after mailed to your address in our files or on the business day of electronic delivery such as e-mail or SMS. You are responsible for notifying us of address changes. Written notice to our Customer Service mail address on your monthly bill will be effective when received by us. Oral notices are deemed effective on the date reflected in our records.
d. GOVERNING LAWS. This Agreement is subject to applicable federal laws and the laws of the state associated with physical address on the account. If there is any inconsistency between this Agreement and those laws, this Agreement shall be deemed amended as necessary to conform to such regulations. The physical address on the account at the time any dispute arises shall be the applicable address for this purpose.
e. CAPACITY. You represent that you are legally competent to enter into this Agreement, over 18 years old and not aware of any disability that would prevent you from entering into this Agreement.
c. YOU AND WE AGREE TO LIMIT CLAIMS AGAINST EACH OTHER FOR DAMAGES OR OTHER MONETARY RELIEF TO DIRECT DAMAGES, REGARDLESS OF THE THEORY OF LIABILITY. THAT MEANS NEITHER OF US WILL TRY TO OBTAIN ANY INDIRECT, SPECIAL, CONSEQUENTIAL, TREBLE OR PUNITIVE DAMAGES FROM THE OTHER. THIS LIMITATION AND WAIVER ALSO APPLIES IF YOU BRING A CLAIM AGAINST ONE OF OUR SUPPLIERS, TO THE EXTENT WE WOULD BE REQUIRED TO INDEMNIFY THE SUPPLIER FOR THE CLAIM. You agree all of the limitations of liability in our Terms and Conditions of Service apply, including but not limited to the following. You agree we are not responsible for problems caused by you or others, or any act of God; missed or deleted voicemails or other messages; pictures or other information lost or deleted on your device. If another wireless carrier or supplier is involved, you also agree to any liability limitations it imposes.
d. In consumer arbitrations, filing fees may be waived by AAA in some circumstances. We will pay the arbitrator’s compensation under AAA rules unless you elect to pay part or the law provides otherwise or the arbitrator determines a claim or counterclaim was filed for harassment or is patently frivolous. We will pay the expenses of the arbitrator and AAA, including costs of proof and witnesses produced at the direction of the arbitrator.
8. ENTIRE AGREEMENT. The Customer Service Agreement, including these Terms and Conditions, and any other documents made a part hereof, are the entire Agreement between you and us, which may only be amended as described herein. This Agreement supersedes any inconsistent or additional promises by any of our representatives, agents or dealers. If any part of this Agreement is found invalid, the balance remains enforceable.

15 Day Road Test (15 Day Service Cancellation Policy)

We are committed to providing you great service. To prove that, you have 15 days from purchase and activation to road test our network. If at any time during those 15 days you have issues with coverage or connectivity, simply contact us for troubleshooting. If we are unable to provide a solution, you may return your device with the box and charger and request to deactivate your service. You will only be responsible for the activation fees and other charges and taxes incurred prior to cancellation. Returns that do not include all original packaging and all included items (battery, charger, manuals, etc.) will be charged a restocking fee up to $100.00. Equipment that is not in like new condition and/or has visible damage is not eligible to be returned and will not be accepted. This may result in the customer being charged the full purchase price of the device.

Returns Policy

If you are not completely satisfied with a Cellular One accessory you may return the accessory within 7 days of purchase for a full refund. Accessory must be returned in new condition and complete with all packaging. Certain accessories are not eligible for customer satisfaction returns once the item has been opened and removed from the original packaging. These items include: headsets – all styles (both Bluetooth and wired) and accessories containing software that requires installation of an application for the accessory to function correctly. Cellular ONE does not accept returns or offer exchanges for defective equipment. It is the customer’s responsibility to process such equipment through the appropriate distributor or manufacturer warranty process. If a customer receives a device by direct or in-store fulfillment then that device may only be exchanged if a defect is noted by the customer within one business day of receiving the device and that defect is clearly and specifically demonstrated to a Cellular ONE representative. Cellular ONE does not accept handset returns for vanity reasons or because a customer decides after leaving the store that he or she is not satisfied with some aspect of the device. Purchases made by cash or check and returned at a later date will be refunded by a company check. Purchases made by a credit/debit card will be refunded to a credit/debit card. Credit or debit card must be present at time of return. Check refunds will be sent to the original account holder within six (6) to eight (8) weeks of return.

Open Internet

Cellular One makes available to all customers the Internet access and broadband services that are available to all other customers; you are free to select a plan that ideally suits your interests. Our broadband and texting services are available to all customers who choose to subscribe, or whose calling plans already include those services. Please review our Calling Plans or visit your local sales center to determine how our data services can best meet your needs. Cellular One is working every day to provide you with excellent service.

Network management practices, congestion management and permitted use. Cellular One customers in good standing may make full lawful use on the Cellular One network of all Cellular One broadband services to which they have subscribed. Cellular One does not reduce or block customers in good standing from accessing lawful Internet sites and applications that are not likely to result in harm to the Cellular One network, services, use of the network or services, or customers or employees of Cellular One. Please see our Terms and Conditions of Service for details.

Cellular One does not block or rate-control specific protocols or protocol ports on our network, modify protocol fields in ways not prescribed by the protocol standard, or otherwise inhibit or favor certain applications or classes of applications. We use optimization techniques such as TCP optimization, video caching, and sizing video streams for mobile devices. These techniques do not discriminate among content or websites. When a cell site experiences high demand, data speeds for devices using that cell site may slow until traffic levels returns to normal. Speeds may vary depending upon factors including without limitation geographic terrain, atmospheric conditions, local structures, local networks, customer devices, applications, use inside a moving vehicle, and network loading. Please contact Customer Service by the methods listed at the end of this policy in the event you have specific needs or questions. Security. Cellular One network security processes and protocols are not likely to materially impede a customer’s ability on the Cellular One network to access lawful content, applications, services and devices of his or her choice, provided such content, applications, services and devices are not known or likely to be harmful to cellular networks, services, use thereof, or customers or employees. Cellular One diligently works to protect its subscribers’ network security with a variety of industry standard practices and tools including customer authentication, communications encryption, and firewalls designed to exclude malicious or unlawful traffic. We encourage customers to take security measures as well.

Regarding devices, please review “Device Attachments; Applications” below. Regarding the meaning of harm, please see our Terms and Conditions of Service of Service.

No Application Blocking. Cellular One does not block or degrade applications that provide voice or video telephony services, subject to reasonable network management practices. Your use of such services is subject to all of our customary charges and policies regarding the services, including without limitation voice, data, roaming usage charges, data roaming charges, and overage charges when applicable. Please see our Terms and Conditions of Service and your Calling Plan terms for details. Cellular One may operate or provide access to application stores or their functional equivalent.

Device Attachment; Applications. Any subscriber in good standing may attach a mobile telecommunications device to the Cellular One network with the assistance of our Cellular One employees, if the device (a) is a technically compatible, unlocked, lawful device of the same generation technology as our network in the area where the subscriber intends to use service, (b) meets all federal standards and will not modify, disrupt or harmfully interfere with the service or other devices, services, service providers or users of the network, and (c) is engineered to use the same frequency bands as our network in that area. Frequencies vary by area; check with our Customer Care representatives. Applications may be usable on our network if technically compatible with our network, lawful, and not resulting in any of the harms noted previously regarding devices. As stated in the Terms and Conditions of Service you agreed to when initiating service, subscribers may not install any amplifiers, enhancers, repeaters or other devices that may modify, disrupt or harmfully interfere with our authorized radio frequencies. If any such equipment harms our network or service to others, you may be required to disconnect the device, and we may suspend or terminate service to any users in our sole judgment causing or contributing to harm. If you have questions about whether an application is compatible with our network, you may contact our local retail store.

Terms and Conditions of Service. The agreement between customers in your market area and Cellular One is available here. The commercial terms of your service, including pricing, are described in this agreement and the Calling Plan brochure or description you received when you signed up for service. From time to time, we offer plans with tiered or capped data usage thresholds. Any such aspects are clearly set forth in Calling Plan descriptions for your review when selecting a plan. Current Calling Plan information is also available on our website. Plan terms may vary from time to time; contact Customer Care for details. Our privacy policy is available here. Cellular One services do not include services defined by the Federal Communications Commission as non-broadband internet access data services. Accordingly, such services have no impact on the last-mile capacity available for, and the performance of, Cellular One broadband Internet access services. Traffic and message information may be stored for network management purposes and for provision of the services to you; any provision of information to government or legal third parties is in compliance with law. In the event of any complaints, questions or disputes, please contact Customer Care.

Performance characteristics. The Cellular One network primarily consists of equipment using the Global System for Mobiles (GSM) technology with Edge and General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) service, overlaid in areas with High Speed Packet Access (HSPA) and HSPA+ broadband. Access speeds vary depending upon market conditions, traffic density, and cell site configurations. Network performance can be affected by terrain, structural obstructions, atmospheric conditions, proximity to a cell site, customer device and applications, network equipment and software for the area of usage, capacity and simultaneous usage by others of the local network, interference by third party radio frequency emissions, capacity and traffic congestion on the Internet including other carrier networks, and the destination with which you are communicating. Performance may vary when roaming in connection with these factors and reflecting individualized agreements with other carriers whose networks may vary and reasonable network management. In the event retention of a simultaneous voice and data session encounters technical difficulties, the voice session will be prioritized. In order to give the maximum number of customers access to the best available network experience, the number of simultaneous network connections by each customer may be moderated without regard to Internet content, application, service, or device. In areas where we have installed HSPA or HSPA+, speeds experienced by customers in typical conditions may range from 1 to 3 Mbps download and 500 kbps to 1 Mbps upload, with typical latency of 60 to 110 milliseconds. If HSPA has not yet been installed in your area, our GSM network will operate at Edge technology speeds and latency typical in your area. Latency depends upon market conditions, traffic density, and cell site configurations. Our broadband Internet access services are generally suitable for real time applications; nevertheless, suitability depends upon mobile device and network conditions in your area.

In the event of questions or concerns not addressed here, you may contact Customer Service at 295 East Swedesford Road, Suite 356, Wayne, PA 19087 or 866-702-1248, or one of the methods listed here.

Cellular One…One Company for Compatibility.

Cellular One is commited to providing a selection of compatible phones for customers with hearing impairments. Cellular One complies with the hearing aid compatibility rules of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), designed to make mobile phones more accessible to persons with disabilities. The FCC has created a rating system to help consumers with hearing disabilities find a phone that will work with their hearing aids.


The “M” stands for microphone; phones with M-ratings have been tested and rated for acoustic coupling purposes. Phones rated M3 or M4 meet FCC requirements and are likely to generate less interference to hearing devices set in microphone mode than phones that are not labeled. The higher the “M” rating, the more likely you will be able to use the phone with your hearing aid in microphone mode. The “M” rating is “better” or higher of the two ratings.


The “T” stands for telecoil; T-rated phones have been tested and rated for inductive coupling purposes. A telecoil is a small device built into some hearing aids for use with telephones as well as assistive listening devices. Phones rated T3 or T4 meet FCC requirements and are likely to generate less interference to hearing devices set in telecoil mode than phones that are not labeled. The higher the “T” rating, the less interference a handset will cause.

When some mobile phones are used near some hearing devices (hearing aids and cochlear implants), users may detect noise from interference. Interference varies depending upon the hearing device and the phone. The wireless telephone industry has developed ratings to assist hearing device users in finding phones that may be compatible with their hearing devices. not all phones have been rated. Ratings are shown on a phone box or label. The ratings are not guarantees. Results will vary depending on the hearing device and individual hearing loss. if your hearing device happens to be vulnerable to interference, you may not be able to use a rated phone successfully. Trying out the phone with your hearing device is the best way to evaluate it for your personal needs.

Hearing devices may also be measured for immunity to this type of interference. Your hearing device manufacturer or hearing health professional may help you find results for your hearing device. The more immune your hearing aid is, the less likely you will be to experience interference noise from mobile phones.

Compatible Phones (Updated December 2021)

These phones have been tested and rated for use with hearing aids for some of the wireless technologies that they use. However, there may be some newer wireless technologies used in these phones that have not been tested yet for use with hearing aids. It is important to try the different features of these phones thoroughly and in different locations, using your hearing aid or cochlear implant, to determine if you hear any interfering noise. Consult Cellular One or the manufacturer of the phone for information on hearing aid compatibility. if you have questions about return or exchange policies, visit the store where you purchased your Cellular One phone. Additional phones may be available through special ordering. Please contact Cellular One for more information.

Alcatel GF3M4/T4
Apple iPhone 11M3/T4
Apple iPhone SE (2020)M3/T4
Apple iPhone 11 ProM3/T4
Apple iPhone 11 Pro MaxM3/T4
Motorola Moto E7M3/T4
Samsung Galaxy Note 20
Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra
Samsung Galaxy S8
Samsung Galaxy S9
Samsung Galaxy S20
Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus
Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Minimize Audible Interference

  • Use microphone settings on your hearing aid instead of the T-coil (telecoil) settings.
  • Find the point of least interference by moving the phone around.
  • Use the phone as far away from the hearing aid as possible.
  • Refer to the phone user guide to minimize the time interval on the phone’s Display and Keypad backlight settings.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    • How do I check for hearing aid compatibility on wireless phones?
      • Handset units contain a label affixed to the units packaging indicating the M-rating of the phone, and an owner’s manual addendum is included in the packaging that discusses the rating system.
    • What is an “M” rating?
      • The “M” stands for microphone so the consumer will know the phone has been tested and rated for acoustic coupling purposes. Phones rated M3 or M4 meet FCC requirements and are likely to generate less interference to hearing devices set in microphone mode than phones that are not labeled. The higher the “M” rating, the less interference the handset will cause.
    • What is a “T” rating?
      • The “T” stands for telecoil so the consumer will know the phone has been tested and rated for inductive coupling purposes. The telecoil is a small device that is built into some hearing aids for use with the telephone as well as assistive listening devices. Phones rated T3 or T4 meet FCC requirements and are likely to generate less interference to hearing devices set in telecoil mode than phones that are not labeled. The higher the “T” rating, the less interference the handset will cause.
    • Does it matter what kind/TYPE of hearing aid I have?
      • Some hearing devices work better than others because of interference noise created by a digital wireless phone. Ask your Hearing Aid Healthcare Professional if your hearing aid has EMI “shielding” or if the circuitry design is more immune to interference. in general, digital hearing aids have less interference than analog hearing aids.
    • Can I return a phone that doesn’t work with my hearing aid?
      • We have a flexible return policy for HAC-compliant phones. You can cancel the service agreement and return the phone within 30 days of purchase without incurring any penalty or early termination charge if you are not satisfied with the handset’s performance with your hearing aid.
    • How can I find out if my hearing aid will work with a particular phone before trying out that phone?
      • You will need to know the “M” ratings of both the phone and your hearing aid. add the ratings for both the phone and your hearing aid together to determine probable usability (Hearing Aid: M2 + Phone: M3 = Combined rating of 5). This will let you know if your hearing aid is likely to work with a particular phone.
        • Combined rating of 6 is best.
        • Combined rating of 5 is better.
        • Combined rating of 4 is good.

Cellular One has live units in all of our retail stores where customers can test the phone’s compatibility with their hearing aid *before* they buy.

  • What questions should I ask my Hearing Aid Healthcare Professional?
    • Does your hearing aid have “cell phone shielding”?
    • What is the “M” (microphone) rating of your hearing aid?
    • Is the circuitry design of your hearing aid more immune to interference?

Further Information