Open Internet Policies

Open Internet

Cellular One makes available to all customers the Internet access and broadband services that are available to all other customers; you are free to select a plan that ideally suits your interests. Our broadband and texting services are available to all customers who choose to subscribe, or whose calling plans already include those services. Please review our Calling Plans or visit your local sales center to determine how our data services can best meet your needs. Cellular One is working every day to provide you with excellent service.

Network management practices, congestion management and permitted use. Cellular One customers in good standing may make full lawful use on the Cellular One network of all Cellular One broadband services to which they have subscribed. Cellular One does not reduce or block customers in good standing from accessing lawful Internet sites and applications that are not likely to result in harm to the Cellular One network, services, use of the network or services, or customers or employees of Cellular One. Please see our Terms and Conditions of Service for details.

Cellular One does not block or rate-control specific protocols or protocol ports on our network, modify protocol fields in ways not prescribed by the protocol standard, or otherwise inhibit or favor certain applications or classes of applications. We use optimization techniques such as TCP optimization, video caching, and sizing video streams for mobile devices. These techniques do not discriminate among content or websites. When a cell site experiences high demand, data speeds for devices using that cell site may slow until traffic levels returns to normal. Speeds may vary depending upon factors including without limitation geographic terrain, atmospheric conditions, local structures, local networks, customer devices, applications, use inside a moving vehicle, and network loading. Please contact Customer Service by the methods listed at the end of this policy in the event you have specific needs or questions. Security. Cellular One network security processes and protocols are not likely to materially impede a customer’s ability on the Cellular One network to access lawful content, applications, services and devices of his or her choice, provided such content, applications, services and devices are not known or likely to be harmful to cellular networks, services, use thereof, or customers or employees. Cellular One diligently works to protect its subscribers’ network security with a variety of industry standard practices and tools including customer authentication, communications encryption, and firewalls designed to exclude malicious or unlawful traffic. We encourage customers to take security measures as well.

Regarding devices, please review “Device Attachments; Applications” below. Regarding the meaning of harm, please see our Terms and Conditions of Service of Service.

No Application Blocking. Cellular One does not block or degrade applications that provide voice or video telephony services, subject to reasonable network management practices. Your use of such services is subject to all of our customary charges and policies regarding the services, including without limitation voice, data, roaming usage charges, data roaming charges, and overage charges when applicable. Please see our Terms and Conditions of Service and your Calling Plan terms for details. Cellular One may operate or provide access to application stores or their functional equivalent.

Device Attachment; Applications. Any subscriber in good standing may attach a mobile telecommunications device to the Cellular One network with the assistance of our Cellular One employees, if the device (a) is a technically compatible, unlocked, lawful device of the same generation technology as our network in the area where the subscriber intends to use service, (b) meets all federal standards and will not modify, disrupt or harmfully interfere with the service or other devices, services, service providers or users of the network, and (c) is engineered to use the same frequency bands as our network in that area. Frequencies vary by area; check with our Customer Care representatives. Applications may be usable on our network if technically compatible with our network, lawful, and not resulting in any of the harms noted previously regarding devices. As stated in the Terms and Conditions of Service you agreed to when initiating service, subscribers may not install any amplifiers, enhancers, repeaters or other devices that may modify, disrupt or harmfully interfere with our authorized radio frequencies. If any such equipment harms our network or service to others, you may be required to disconnect the device, and we may suspend or terminate service to any users in our sole judgment causing or contributing to harm. If you have questions about whether an application is compatible with our network, you may contact our local retail store.

Terms and Conditions of Service. The agreement between customers in your market area and Cellular One is available here. The commercial terms of your service, including pricing, are described in this agreement and the Calling Plan brochure or description you received when you signed up for service. From time to time, we offer plans with tiered or capped data usage thresholds. Any such aspects are clearly set forth in Calling Plan descriptions for your review when selecting a plan. Current Calling Plan information is also available on our website. Plan terms may vary from time to time; contact Customer Care for details. Our privacy policy is available here. Cellular One services do not include services defined by the Federal Communications Commission as non-broadband internet access data services. Accordingly, such services have no impact on the last-mile capacity available for, and the performance of, Cellular One broadband Internet access services. Traffic and message information may be stored for network management purposes and for provision of the services to you; any provision of information to government or legal third parties is in compliance with law. In the event of any complaints, questions or disputes, please contact Customer Care.

Performance characteristics. The Cellular One network primarily consists of equipment using the Global System for Mobiles (GSM) technology with Edge and General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) service, overlaid in areas with High Speed Packet Access (HSPA) and HSPA+ broadband. Access speeds vary depending upon market conditions, traffic density, and cell site configurations. Network performance can be affected by terrain, structural obstructions, atmospheric conditions, proximity to a cell site, customer device and applications, network equipment and software for the area of usage, capacity and simultaneous usage by others of the local network, interference by third party radio frequency emissions, capacity and traffic congestion on the Internet including other carrier networks, and the destination with which you are communicating. Performance may vary when roaming in connection with these factors and reflecting individualized agreements with other carriers whose networks may vary and reasonable network management. In the event retention of a simultaneous voice and data session encounters technical difficulties, the voice session will be prioritized. In order to give the maximum number of customers access to the best available network experience, the number of simultaneous network connections by each customer may be moderated without regard to Internet content, application, service, or device. In areas where we have installed HSPA or HSPA+, speeds experienced by customers in typical conditions may range from 1 to 3 Mbps download and 500 kbps to 1 Mbps upload, with typical latency of 60 to 110 milliseconds. If HSPA has not yet been installed in your area, our GSM network will operate at Edge technology speeds and latency typical in your area. Latency depends upon market conditions, traffic density, and cell site configurations. Our broadband Internet access services are generally suitable for real time applications; nevertheless, suitability depends upon mobile device and network conditions in your area.

In the event of questions or concerns not addressed here, you may contact Customer Service at 295 East Swedesford Road, Suite 356, Wayne, PA 19087 or 866-702-1248, or one of the methods listed here.